eLOQ User Key

Product code

eLOQ - is a smart access control system that has been designed to provide not only high security but also a greater degree of flexibility and auditability. This wire free access solution allows the of the product without the need for energy or data in the location, eliminates the inconvenience and expenses created by replacing the lost keys prevents duplication and offers the possibility to track how every lock and key is used.

eLOQ User Key - is a core part of the eLOQ system providing the power for the locks and allowing users to access certain locks based on their permissions . Each user in the system is provided with their own key with their own access restrictions based on lock IDs, time & date.



  • Resistance to falls to prevent damage to the internal electronic components
  • High level security algorithms
  • Ergonomic design to be easy to use
  • NFC technology built into the readers
  • Record users access history with full audit reports
  • Set validation and expiration periods to limit the damage of lost keys
  • Battery Life: up tp 50,000 openings
  • Capacity to store 3,000 access events
  • 3cm NFC Communication Distance
  • Working Temperature: -20°C-+ 60°C
  • Color: black